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Night shift production Supervisor

$70,000    Carrollton, GA
•  Permanent
•  Job Number:197247
•  Posted:7/12/2019

Skillset requirements: Seeking a Production Supervisor who has a technical background with hobbies, education, work experience, etc. This person needs to be comfortable overseeing between 25-50 people (hourly/floor employees, production operators running extruder lines, etc. all pretty technical), and must be motivated for advancement within the company and of oneself, An operations minded individual is a preferred candidate.
Training: Yes; will have some product training. Will Train on a day shift position before transitioning to a night shift. Between 2-4 weeks
Testing: No testing
Attire: Business Casual; Plant Attire; Safety gear on the floor
Tools: Any background (work or hobbies) with industrial tools is preferred
Software: Must have experience using MS Excel and PowerPoint. The plant staff uses SAP and a payroll system for entering time for all employees - must be comfortable with that
Environment: Manufacturing and Technical
Preferred Experience: Technically Inclined, hands on with plant equipment and with training
Benefits: Excellent Benefits Package!! Ask your recruiter
Interviewing: The interviewing process is professional and detailed; may take up to 2-3 weeks for completion of entire interviewing process; many employees/management team members are involved.


Title: Night shift Production Supervisor
Pay: $70k
Education: Seeking a candidate with a BS degree in a related field; at minimum is enrolled and nearing graduating with degree. Experience over a degree will be considered
Shift: Night shift position 7:00pm - 7:00am
Work Schedule: 2,2,3,3 - every other weekend is a three-day weekend
Overtime: Salaried; Non-exempt. Should expect some longer weekly hours. 0-5 hours per week.


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