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Operations Supervisor

$65,000    Fitchburg, MA
•  Direct Hire
•  Job Number:205361
•  Posted:2/12/2020

 Responsible for supervising technicians tasked with the assembly of large engine packages for industrial customers ensuring cost, schedule and quality goals are met. Performs pre-shift task planning and prioritization activities to successfully execute on the Production Plan. Identifies back-up tasks in the event that all workable production plan tasks are manned. Plans and issues team member work assignments. Ensures team members are qualified to perform assigned tasks and that each team member understands the procedural details of their assigned tasks. Facilitates shift start-up meetings to communicate the Production Plan to all team members and ensures that each individual understands their role in its successful execution. Monitors team members and resources throughout the shift to maintain workflow and leads problem solving when performance lags expectations. Maintains a safe and clean work environment, including the activities and behaviors of team members and visitors in the area. Reports actions, issues and status for each production plan task in end-of-shift summaries. Maintains required staffing levels by selecting, orienting and training employees. Grows individual team members to meet work area qualification requirements. Collaborates with each employee to develop growth plans and provides reasonable opportunities to facilitate the plan. Understands team metrics and the root causes for any misses.  Implements corrective actions.Assures team members understand department performance goals and work area metrics & actual team performance. Develops team approach on successfully executing actions/behaviors to achieve department goals. Planning and execution of team budget. Navy Nuclear or Shipyard experience a plus



Bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline, or equivalent combination of Associates degree in a technical discipline with 2+ years of manufacturing experience.  US Citizen.


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