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Senior Coating Technician

$64,000    Fitchburg, MA
•  Direct Hire
•  Job Number:205394
•  Posted:2/13/2020

This hands-on position requires a strong technical background working in a small and growing optics manufacturing company. To ensure the Coating department meets the needs of the customer.  Ensures product quality meets or exceeds the customer’s specifications before the part or assembly passes to another department or is shipped to the customer. Program the operating system for optimization. Must have ability to hand clean and inspect optical substrates and components. Select appropriate fixtures for processing substrates and components. Perform system preparation and baseplate up maintenance and perform routine equipment and system maintenance. Perform witness testing via spectrophotometer.




Ideal candidate has minimum of 5 years’ experience in optical thin film deposition processes and system maintenance. Knowledge of coating materials and characteristics is essential. Proficient in Electron Beam Ion Assisted deposition of thin films. A strong mechanical and analytical aptitude is recommended. Computer literate in word and excel spreadsheets. Knowledge of data bases is a plus. Strong computer technical application skills are a plus. Basic electrical knowledge


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