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CMM Programmer

$68,000    Taunton, MA
•  Direct Hire
•  Job Number:206628
•  Posted:3/25/2020

The CMM Operator and Programmer is responsible for programming, set-up, and operation of the Coordinate Measurement Machine including all aspects of part installation and orientation, CMM calibration, CMM operation, data collection, data processing and submittal.


• Operate the CMM machinery and check the dimensional accuracy of different parts and assemblies.
• Determine program requirements based on design and engineering requirements.
• Ensure that CMM is in working condition and properly calibrated.
• Write or edit programs for CMM.
• Record the inspection results and maintain the log book of the same.
• Review functioning of the CMM tools and programming for errors, defects or malfunctioning.
• Responsible to undertake routine maintenance, repairs, and programming of the machinery.
• Appropriately log and communicate results and out of spec parts.
• Work closely and collaborate with other members of the QC team and machine shop.
• Attend team meetings with the Precision Shop and Company in general.
• Keep the organization updated about latest technologies introduced in the market and changes in the industry standards and specifications


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