Keeping Employees Engaged is Important to Keeping a Successful Organization

Nearly two-thirds of employees are disengaged and dispassionate about their work. According to 2015 data from Gallup, only 32 percent of employees in the U.S. are engaged. only 32 percent of employees in the U.S. are engaged. Employee engagement is a critical factor in an organization’s ability to be successful. What’s getting in the way of workers loving what they do? Many employees keep their eyes on the clock waiting for the day to end, call in sick frequently, and are disinterested in taking on new projects. As frustrating as this behavior is, there are many ways to increase engagement and increase productivity.

Collect Feedback

There are many factors that contribute to disengagement and mediocre work performance. Organizations may run around in circles trying to figure out exactly what will make employees happy and motivated. Collecting feedback is essential in finding out employee’s motivations and opinions. Every employee has different wants and needs. By surveying employees directly, companies can find out what makes employees tick.

Give Employees Credit

Many employees are motivated by their ability to contribute to the company. If employees feel valued and that their contributions matter, they are more likely to feel like they need to be present at work and put in the necessary effort to reach company goals. Make sure employees know the process to contribute ideas and give them credit for their contributions, even if they are small. An organization that takes their employee’s opinions and contributions into consideration when making decisions will keep them more engaged.

Have a Hand in Setting Expectations

If employees can help design expectations for themselves, they might be more apt to follow them. Organizations usually have a handbook that lays out guidelines for each employee. Over time, these rules should be reviewed and looked at by all employees. By providing employees with the opportunity to review and make possible changes to the expectations and rules, they will feel more in control of the outcome and increase engagement.

Making expectations reachable and fair is also important. Employees can also be driven by incentives to reach certain goals. If employees are rewarded when they succeed, they can become more engaged.

Make the Position Less Stressful

It’s generally known the more employees feel their organization cares about them, the more engaged they will be. Feeling like the organization wants to make a position less stressful, not more challenging, can motivate someone to work above and beyond. Companies that value employees and avoid overloading them to the max with responsibilities will find increased productivity from employees.

Sometimes it’s more cost efficient to hire an intern or outsource than to cut costs by forcing small, yet time-consuming, responsibilities on employees.

Flexible Schedules

Not every employee works at optimal levels at the same times. By letting employees set their own schedules and work remotely will be more engaged. A morning person may be able to come in earlier and get twice as many tasks done than they would accomplish in the afternoon. Be willing to let your employees have the flexibility to do what works best for them.

Trust that your employees will get the job done and they may be more engaged and motivated to work. With the ability to video conference and remote work from various locations, every employee can put in the necessary work in various ways that may be different than the traditional cubical.

If employees are engaged, the productivity of a company will flourish. When companies take the necessary steps to meet the needs of employees, the results will show over time. Employees who are happier are more willing to show up and do their best to make the organization a success. Need help finding engaged employees? Contact Micro Tech Staffing Group today.

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