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Maintenance Technician

$33    Monroe, NC
•  Direct Hire
•  Job Number:241831
•  Posted:5/4/2023
Responsible for providing support and repairs to the various machinery found in the production areas and the equipment that is found within the building and systems
Oversees maintenance on all machinery during shift;
Responsible for troubleshooting all plant maintenance issues during shift, as requested;
Provides timely repairs, upkeep and preventive maintenance;
Insures that adequate repair parts are stocked;
Makes recommendations for equipment improvements;
Assists with set-ups, start-ups, and qualifications:
Strives for continuous improvement of equipment;
Serves as an example for housekeeping and safety standards;


Position Requirements • Experience in industrial maintenance with skills in mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and PLC; • Capable of fabrication and design • Proficient in the use of computers, especially in a work order tracking system and an MRO system; • Able to use automated scanning equipment; • Can troubleshoot and correct complex mechanical machine issues problems; • Can verify air pressures by gage, water temp by gage, and water pressure by gage • Can detect a water leak at the molds and nozzle and react correctly • Can detect an oil leak within a processing machine (shut-off nozzle, hydraulic line, rotary seal) and prevent product contamination • Can detect an air leak and identify general location (air line, blow mold obstruction, etc.) • Successfully pass Level 2 of Electrical Skills Training within 30 days of hire • 


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