By: Paul Rojee

As technology improvements are implemented across industries, it’s no surprise engineers are in high demand right now. The latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest this trend will continue. This is great news for job seekers and those currently pursuing educational credentials. Here’s a breakdown of the outlook by discipline:

Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers are expected to see a spike in hiring of up to 5 percent through 2024. Because mechanical engineers work in so many different industries, this number may be much higher in certain specialties.

Electro-Mechanical Technicians

Electro-mechanical technicians are already in high demand, and these positions are expected to grow 3 percent over the next decade. This field represents a broad skill set across many diverse industrial environments from medical device manufacturing to aerospace engineering.

Environmental Engineers

This field has seen a spike in demand due to concerns over global warming and initiatives to increase green technology. Environmental engineers should see a 12 percent increase in available jobs through 2024.

Industrial Engineers and Manufacturing Engineers

In both fields, 26 percent of current workers are 55 or older. Industrial and manufacturing engineers play a crucial role in many companies, and there is an increased effort to find qualified talent to replace aging workers.

Health and Safety Engineers

This field is expected to continue growing over the next decade as well. Safety engineers are necessary at virtually all large workplaces and building sites to ensure the prevention of expensive accidents.

Materials Engineers

Although this field probably won't see much growth over the next decade, it does still provide one of the highest salaries in all of engineering. A materials engineer with a bachelor’s degree can expect an average starting salary of $93,310.

The bottom line is that the job outlook for engineers is - and for the foreseeable future will most likely remain – positive. If you want to find the right career path in the engineering industry, contact Micro Staffing Group, a firm with over 30 years of experience helping engineers find their next job.
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