In today’s job market most businesses are not looking for what information a candidate might know today rather than looking at how successful can a candidate be in the future and personality. As we all know industries are constantly changing being growth, technology updates or restructures. Regardless of what industry you as a candidate might be in – an ideal employee should share some common traits. Some of the traits employers are looking for potential employees to possess or how you can be described are as follows: 1. Action Oriented – Meaning employers want employees who will take action and take chances! 2. Intelligent – If an employee is intelligent in a potential employers eyes – the employer will know they are going to be spending less time micro managing, proof reading and dealing with heightened stress levels 3. Ambitious – Those who want to succeed in their career are going to help a potential new employer than those who are just there for a job and might be classified as a “clock watcher” 4. Autonomous – As a potential employee you want to make sure you convey that you can get a job done that you are assigned without having to always ask questions. Be able to research to figure out road blocks versus having to bother your manager to complete a task. 5. Leadership – An employer is going to want to hire someone who has self confidence and displays repetitive success throughout their career and has potential for growth. 6. Cultural Fit – A potential hiring manager wants to make sure a potential employee will get along with others within the company as well as if the potential employee displays the ability to be an all star and the ability to produce results. 7. Confident – Confidence produces results and encourages employees to take on challenges that others shy away from. The top companies are highly confident in their abilities to provide a superior product or service and this belief builds a culture and image of improvement and client confidence. 8. Honest – This is a big one for a potential employer when looking at hiring a new employee. If you are the most talented individual in your industry but do not have integrity and authenticity these two things will out weigh all your talent and experience. 9. Hard working – Results do not happen over night or quickly. Hiring candidates that are 9-5er’s is not going to get the job done. Companies want to hire result oriented, hard working employees who will execute any given task. 10. Detail Oriented – Attention to detail is crucial or mistakes will be made within your company. Detailed orientated individuals take pride in their work and will always dot the i’s and cross the t’s and make sure they get the job done with perfection. When you consider the above – employers want to hire those who have integrity, self confidence and a strong work ethic. Those who possess these traits can be taught a new product or a service but those who don’t possess these traits can not be trained on those Robyn Wolf - Senior Technical Recruiter
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