The day is here. You've woken up and your mind is racing, asking yourself questions like 'Am I ready for this?' and 'Will they like me?'. No, I'm not talking about meeting your significant other's parents.... I'm talking about your in-person interview for your dream job. Everyone reacts differently to this situation. Some people are overly confident, while some are a nervous wreck. Some are cool, calm and collective while others fumble through the few hours with their perspective employer. Part of our goal here at Micro Tech is to help people get through the interview process successfully, and below we have some tips that should help position you for success! Good luck! -Research the organization: Most (who am I kidding... all) companies have a website. Take a few minutes to get to know them beyond what your recruiter tells you. Come up with a few questions about their product/service, culture, or anything else you see that stands out. Feel free to check sites like and LinkedIn to see employee and customer reviews. -Know the common interview questions: Interviewers will almost always ask candidates about their strengths and weaknesses, problem solving skills, how you've contributed to your prior company, and if appropriate to the job, your leadership abilities. Knowing how you'd answer these in advance will help make the interview smooth, and answering them in relation to the job and company (see the first point about research) will help even more. -Arrive prepared to succeed: You always want to dress professionally for an interview, but make sure it's appropriate to the company and it's culture as well. Work with your recruiter to find out more about the company culture. If there's any doubt, always overdress a bit. Be on-time or a bit early. Leave any non-essential items in the car and of course, smile! -Be confident and positive: The research you do will help this, but you want to be confident in your skills and abilities related to the job. Talk about what you've done in the past, how you've succeeded, and why those skills will help in this new role. Discuss a situation where a problem came up and you helped solve it. Confidence in your abilities will go a long way. And stay positive. Talking about prior work drama or bashing your previous employer won't help. Talk positively about your experiences and leave a positive impression with the interviewer(s). -Thank you: Don't forget to say thank you. Thanking the interviewer(s) for their time, both at the end of the interview and via email/letter once you get home, helps keep you fresh in their mind. It's a great last impression. Brian Long - Sr. IT Recruiter
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