If you are like most people, you probably only update your resume when you are thinking about your next career move or job opportunity. This task can seem so overwhelming. Whether you are an independent contractor, or a full time employee; your resume should be a living and breathing document available at a moment’s notice for that next opportunity! Make it easy to contact you. Put that cell phone number and email address front and center. Don’t even list an office/home number if you are never there. Show off your most recent experience. Don’t bury your relevant experience and other high value skills with wordy paragraphs. Those are your best selling points. Display them up front and center or in a detailed list at the very beginning of your resume. Include not only the most recent/relevant experience but the indication and the possibility of the job opportunity you have interest in pursuing. This is a vital marketing “must do” as most employers and agencies use their database to search by “Skill Set” and then experience. So if it’s not on your resume, you may miss a potential opportunity that is right down your alley. Make sure it’s relevant. Not that being an Eagle boy scout in 1996 is not a accomplishment and worthy of conversation; BUT….Most employers are looking for your expertise and looking for what you can bring to their organization RIGHT NOW to fix their problem/pain. Highlight your most recent accomplishments and tailor make your experience to “Fit” into the appropriate job sector and title. For example, if you have been a Maintenance Technician for the past five years, highlight the most recent technology you have had the privilege to work on and learn. Technology and your ability to project your comfort level with progress is a MUST! Project the right image. First impressions REALLY ARE EVERYTHING! So make sure your resume is polished and professional. If you don’t have great Microsoft Word skills, pay someone to lay it out for you. And make sure your email address is professional. If you are using UNCboyzzrule@aol.com, you might want to sign up for a free Gmail account and use your real name or business name. Be honest. The world is becoming smaller and smaller every day. With LinkedIn, Facebook and social media; it doesn’t take long to construct a profile of your work history and where that has occurred. If you embellish or fib on your resume, you will be busted. It’s not worth sacrificing your next career move or job opportunity. LAST BUT NOT LEAST. Please lock down your social media profiles. Sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are often the first place every hiring manager looks before they even call you to discuss a position. Don’t let your weekend escapades knock you out of the running before you even get your foot in the door. Shane Hill - Managing Partner
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